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€ 1,195

Rental home Hagelkruisplein - Tilburg

Tilburg, North-Brabant
Ground floor: Upon entering you enter the hall, which gives access to the spacious living room. The living room has a ne...
€ 1,195

Rental home Boomstraat - Tilburg

Tilburg, North-Brabant (5038GW)
Spacious house for rent in a beautiful location in Tilburg This beautiful house is located in the popular Bomenbuurt a s...
€ 1,495

Rental home Bisschop Aelenstraat - Tilburg

Tilburg, North-Brabant
Modern bathroom and kitchen, full underfloor heating (except bathroom), 4 bedrooms and a garden. There is also a storage...
€ 1,250

Rental home Oerlesestraat - Tilburg

Tilburg, North-Brabant (5021TX)
Living just outside the busy center, but still within the Ringbanen, is possible in this attractive and spacious family ...
€ 1,175

Apartment Cederstraat - Tilburg

Tilburg, North-Brabant
Ground floor: The closed entrance has a doorbell panel, mailboxes, elevator and stairs, individual storage room with ele...
€ 1,295

Apartment Boomstraat - Tilburg

Tilburg, North-Brabant (5038GV)
Spacious modern apartment (almost 100 m2) with private parking and storage, near the center of Tilburg. The apartment is...
€ 1,018

Rental home Vriezenveenstraat - Tilburg

Tilburg, North-Brabant
Due to its location on the edge of the city, Koolhoven-West keeps the hectic pace of city life safely at a distance. Yet...
€ 1,400

Rental home Da Costastraat - Tilburg

Tilburg, North-Brabant (5025TE)
This well-maintained family home is surprisingly large. With a spacious living room / dining room with 2 sitting areas a...
€ 750

Rental home Klaverstraat - Tilburg

Tilburg, North-Brabant (5025MD)
The property has an area of ​​90m² and a plot area of ​​115m² and has 4 rooms rooms including 2 bedrooms. The property w...
€ 1,250

Apartment Trouwlaan - Tilburg

Tilburg, North-Brabant (5021WD)
Located in Tilburg, this beautiful apartment is located on the Trouwlaan. The apartment is easily accessible with many a...
€ 1,350

Rental home Postelse Hoeflaan - Tilburg

Tilburg, North-Brabant (5042KL)
Neat house for rent in Tilburg The house is conveniently located, approximately 3 km from the center of Tilburg. But var...
€ 1,375

Rental home Ringbaan-West - Tilburg

Tilburg, North-Brabant (5025VB)
Very spacious family home, NO room rental possible= No students.Ground floor: spacious hall, large sitting room and kitc...
€ 1,695

Rental home Rooseveltplein - Tilburg

Tilburg, North-Brabant (5025WV)
You will find this gem on a spacious, green square in the Korvel district. the square has beautiful, large trees and a p...
€ 1,750

Apartment Westpoint - Tilburg

Tilburg, North-Brabant (5038KG)
Living in Westpoint is not only practical but also cozy in yellow. The "Westpoint" complex consists of the Wing and Towe...
€ 600

Rental home Korvelplein - Tilburg

Tilburg, North-Brabant (5025JX)
pay attention! pay attention! the address in tilburg is the office address!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! tulderheyde 25-121, poppe...
€ 1,495

Rental home Frans Erensstraat - Tilburg

Tilburg, North-Brabant (5044PN)
Frans Erensstraat in TilburgVery spacious family home in Tilburg West. Close to the forest: Wandelbos, university, schoo...
€ 1,450

Rental home Billitonstraat - Tilburg

Tilburg, North-Brabant (5014CB)
Characteristic family home in Billitonstraat.Hip living in Tilburg is possible in this neighbourhood. Billitonstraat is ...
€ 1,375

Rental home Wittebollestraat - Tilburg

Tilburg, North-Brabant (5046CE)
Wittebollestraat in TilburgAt a top location, close to the center of Tilburg and yet in a child-friendly neighborhood. T...
€ 1,250

Rental home Schinveldstraat - Tilburg

Tilburg, North-Brabant (5035GC)
Neat terraced house with garden for rent in a beautiful location in Tilburg. Schinveldstraat is located in the Dalem Sou...
€ 1,200

Apartment President Steijnstraat - Tilburg

Tilburg, North-Brabant
The apartment is unfurnished and not furnished. - The rent is excluding gas, water and electricity and excluding televis...
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Rentals in Tilburg

Tilburg is the center of the Brabant textile industry. Where textile plays a less important role nowadays, the city now has a great attraction for companies. Many home seekers therefore go to this city because of the great employment in logistics. In our search engine you will find a wide range of business spaces.

Yet Tilburg has much more to offer than just employment. Just think of the sights, lively nightlife and cozy restaurants and cafes. You can also enjoy the many festivals and events that take place annually. The culture lover can enjoy several museums, but also think of the famous pop stage 013.

Residential areas

The appeal of Tilburg is clear. The city therefore attracts many home seekers from different phases of life. In the first place, Tilburg is therefore known as a student city by the university and many colleges. This also ensures that the city is easily accessible by public transport. Tilburg has several residential areas where you can find a suitable rental home. How about the bustling city center or living in Tilburg North or South?

Type of home

You will also find rental properties outside the center. How about a rental property in the Reeshof? Through our search function you can find different types of rental properties in Tilburg. In addition to apartments, flats and single-family houses, we offer a wide range of studios and rooms. You make the search easier by selecting the houses by price, living space, number of rooms or date. This gives you a good insight into the range of rental properties in Tilburg.


With our search function you will get a clear overview of the range of rental properties in Tilburg. You will see a photo of the rental property and a short description. By clicking on the relevant home, you will then receive more information. This concerns an extensive description, rental price and the location of the house.

Contact us

Found your dream home? You can easily contact the landlord via our website to schedule a viewing. Who knows, this may be the house where you can relax after a day of shopping in the center of Tilburg or an evening out in the bustling center.

Surrounding cities

Still no suitable rental home found? Then take a look around Tilburg. Think of Goirle, Kaatsheuvel, Oisterwijk or Vught. Or how about Boxtel, Chaam, Helvoirt and Waalwijk? You may find your dream home in one of these cities. Broadening your search is not the only solution to find more rental properties. We also recommend that you return to our website regularly. This way you stay informed of the latest range of rental properties.


Don't want to miss anything? Sign up for the updates and you will receive the new offer in your mailbox. You can also choose to place a free home call. Private sellers and rental agents can contact you if they have a rental property that meets your requirements.

Single family homes in Tilburg, North-Brabant are on average € 921 / month. price trend

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