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Studios in Utrecht. Below an overview of all studios for rent in Utrecht.

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€ 876

Studio Brigittenstraat - Utrecht

Utrecht, Utrecht (3512KJ)

€ 620

Studio Amerikalaan - Utrecht

Utrecht, Utrecht (3526VE)

€ 671

Studio Amerikalaan - Utrecht

Utrecht, Utrecht (3526VE)

€ 865

Studio Notebomenlaan - Utrecht

Utrecht, Utrecht (3582CH)

€ 846

Studio Breedstraat - Utrecht

Utrecht, Utrecht (3512TW)

€ 696

Studio Kanaalstraat - Utrecht

Utrecht, Utrecht (3531CL)

€ 661

Studio Amsterdamsestraatweg - Utrecht

Utrecht, Utrecht (3553EP)

€ 1,026

Studio Brigittenstraat - Utrecht

Utrecht, Utrecht (3512KJ)

€ 851

Studio Groeneweg - Utrecht

Utrecht, Utrecht (3531VH)

€ 1,251

Studio Jan Pieterszoon Coenstraat - Utrecht

Utrecht, Utrecht (3531EM)

€ 1,250

Studio Biltstraat - Utrecht

Utrecht, Utrecht (3572BC)

€ 899

Studio Daendelsstraat - Utrecht

Utrecht, Utrecht (3531GD)

Rentals in Utrecht

Utrecht is the bustling city of the Randstad where there is always something going on. Utrecht's agenda is always packed with a variety of activities. In addition to the many activities, the city is rich in greenery, sights, shops, cafes and restaurants. The lively city attracts more home seekers than the range of rental properties.

We are happy to help you in your search for a suitable rental home in Utrecht. Can you picture it already? Want to relax in a rental home that meets all your requirements after a cultural activity, a walk in the open air or an evening out in the bustling center? This city has a suitable home for every phase of your life.

Type of home

Our search engine helps in the search for a suitable rental property. We show a wide range of different types of homes. In addition to apartments, you can find single-family houses, flats, studios and rooms here. After all, Utrecht is known as a vibrant student city. Every year, thousands of students are looking for a suitable room to have a great student time.


Via our search engine you can easily search for a suitable rental home that meets your requirements. Select by price, date, living space or number of rooms. However, it can be difficult to find a suitable rental home in Utrecht. We therefore advise to look further than just Utrecht. You may find your dream home in one of the surrounding cities.

Surrounding cities

How about Amersfoort, Bussum, Culemburg, De Bilt or Hilversum? Also take a look at the housing supply in Maarssen, Niewegein, Soest, Vinkeveen and Zeist. After all, you can be in the bustling center in a few minutes by public transport. By searching in the vicinity of Utrecht, you may be able to make more demands on the home and the rental price will drop considerably.

Contact us

Our search engine then shows a photo and a short description of the rental property. When you click further, you will receive more information about the house and its location. Does the house meet the requirements? You can easily contact the landlord via our website. We offer both private homes and homes offered by rental agents. By contacting us you can easily schedule a viewing. This way you are one step closer to your dream home in Utrecht or in the vicinity of Utrecht.


Not found the suitable rental property yet? Keep an eye on our offer by regularly returning to the website. The range of rental properties is replenished daily. Do you want to stay informed about this offer? Sign up for our updates and you will receive the new offer in your mailbox. This way you can be sure that a suitable rental home will not pass you by.

Free housing call

If you have not found the right rental properties after a while. Then place a free home call. In this call you provide a description of the requirements that the house must meet. Private landlords and estate agents can easily contact you if they have a home for rent that meets your needs.

Studios in Utrecht, Utrecht are on average € 718 / month. price trend

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