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Since yesterday
€ 350

Room Vrijheidslaan - Leiden

Leiden, South-Holland (2321DR)
NO INTERNATIONALS6Hoog is going to hospital again! We are a doubly mixed house (DAC/Q/Aug and non-member). We are lookin...
Since yesterday
€ 625

Room Zoeterwoudseweg - Leiden

Leiden, South-Holland (2321GM)
Nice spacious room. With use of living/dining kitchen, bathroom with shower and toilet. (share with 3 people) Located on...
Since yesterday
€ 350

Room Van 's-Gravensandestraat - Leiden

Leiden, South-Holland (2321ER)
This room is located in a quiet street. You can park your bicycle inside.
€ 400

Room Haarlemmerstraat - Leiden

Leiden, South-Holland (2312DJ)
For rent at a top location in Leiden. Room on the Haarlemmerstraat, 5 minutes away from the station. With several shops,...
€ 300

Room Rijn en Schiekade - Leiden

Leiden, South-Holland (2311AR)
--------------- HOSPITE EVENING December 1 --------------- In rut Bonobo hosts a new male roommate! We are an active, mi...
€ 400

Room Morsweg - Leiden

Leiden, South-Holland (2332EK)
from 21 years House located on the Morsweg, mixed with 5 other residents. A stone's throw from the center! Students and ...
€ 445

Room Louise de Colignystraat - Leiden

Leiden, South-Holland (2316PX)
This room at the Louise Colignystraat is looking for a new resident as of December 1, 2021. The room has an area of ​​ab...
€ 390

Room Julianastraat - Leiden

Leiden, South-Holland (2316NX)
Are you looking for a nice and neat room in Leiden, but you are not looking for a tired student house? Then you've come ...
€ 350

Room Vrouwenweg - Leiden

Leiden, South-Holland (2322LJ)
Dear student looking for a room, *sorry but no internationals. .From mid-December, a spot will become available in our s...
€ 300

Room Klikspaanweg - Leiden

Leiden, South-Holland (2324LZ)
no internationals/ no travel time and first-year priority house bootsma hospiteert! active roommate (m/f) wanted! We are...
€ 300

Room Mozartstraat - Leiden

Leiden, South-Holland (2324XS)
In this room I took care of a homeless man for free for over a year. However, due to my financial situation, I am forced...
€ 495

Room Sumatrastraat - Leiden

Leiden, South-Holland
This room gives you direct access to the garden. You share the spacious bathroom and kitchen with three fellow students ...
€ 370

Room Brahmslaan - Leiden

Leiden, South-Holland (2324AE)
House 99 is going to host again. From December 1th, another room will become available in our beautiful cottage. Are you...
€ 610

Room Herengracht - Leiden

Leiden, South-Holland (2312LG)
1ST VIEWING ROUND IS FULL! In a beautiful location, right in the center on one of the most beautiful canals of Leiden, l...
€ 350

Room Herenstraat - Leiden

Leiden, South-Holland (2313AM)
!!! TWO HOUSEMATES WANTED (F) !!!NOTE:- no first-year and travel time priority- no internationalsHee dear girls, Are you...
€ 280

Room Klikspaanweg - Leiden

Leiden, South-Holland (2324LZ)
Note: No freshmen and travel time priority! Sorry, no internationals!Dear students (M/F) pay attention!!!Huize Alfred is...
€ 700

Room Potgieterlaan - Leiden

Leiden, South-Holland (2321XW)
hi there. I am going back to my family in colombia for 1 year and looking for a nice lady who wants to take over my room...
€ 670

Room Hooigracht - Leiden

Leiden, South-Holland (2312KP)
/'I am looking for a roommate who wants to share an apartment (76m2) with me in the heart of Leiden (Hooigracht). The ap...
€ 320

Room Klikspaanweg - Leiden

Leiden, South-Holland (2324LZ)
- Dutch speaking people only, sorry! Are you the active, enthusiastic new female roommate we are looking for? We are a c...
€ 650

Room Vlietweg - Leiden

Leiden, South-Holland (2323LC)
Several rooms for rent near the center of Leiden (10 minutes by bike) Room with use of kitchen, shower and toilet. Uphol...
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