Room rental in Amsterdam, North-Holland

Rooms in Amsterdam. Below an overview of all rooms for rent in Amsterdam.
230 rooms

€ 730

Room Nieuwe Laan - Amsterdam

Amsterdam, North-Holland

€ 700

Room Ferdinant Spitstraat - Amsterdam

Amsterdam, North-Holland (1069KB)

€ 585

Room Vijgepeerpad - Amsterdam

Amsterdam, North-Holland

€ 550

Room Maaseikstraat - Amsterdam

Amsterdam, North-Holland

€ 1,650

Room Weteringstraat - Amsterdam

Amsterdam, North-Holland

€ 900

Room Geerdinkhof - Amsterdam

Amsterdam, North-Holland (1103RM)

€ 995

Room Ank van der Moerstraat - Amsterdam

Amsterdam, North-Holland

€ 623

Room Honingen - Amsterdam

Amsterdam, North-Holland

€ 550

Room Maaseikstraat - Amsterdam

Amsterdam, North-Holland (1066LX)

€ 850

Room Grianestraat - Amsterdam

Amsterdam, North-Holland

€ 260

Room Hoogte Kadijk - Amsterdam

Amsterdam, North-Holland

€ 318

Room Hoogte Kadijk - Amsterdam

Amsterdam, North-Holland

€ 1,000

Room Jan Willem Brouwersstraat - Amsterdam

Amsterdam, North-Holland (1071LH)

€ 922

Room Weteringstraat - Amsterdam

Amsterdam, North-Holland

€ 1,350

Room Courbetstraat - Amsterdam

Amsterdam, North-Holland

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Rentals in Amsterdam

It is not easy to find a suitable rental home in Amsterdam. We are happy to help you in the search for a suitable living space. Whether that concerns a rental property along the canals, in the bustling center or in the versatile De Pijp neighborhood. Enter your wishes in our search function and we will show the rental properties that suit you best.

It is not for nothing that Amsterdam attracts millions of tourists every year. In addition to the many sights, you have everything you need within reach in this capital. A city of size where you are guaranteed to live comfortably. In Amsterdam it is all possible: on a sunny day enjoy a glass of wine or barbecue in one of the versatile parks. In the evening you come home in a rental home that meets all needs. Isn't that a dream? Because Amsterdam is an attractive city to live in, it is difficult to find a suitable and affordable home.

Surrounding cities

It can be difficult to find a home, let alone find a home that meets your needs. We are happy to be the connecting link in your search and are happy to give you insight into the range of rental properties. Maybe the offer in Amsterdam does not meet your needs. We advise you to also look outside your comfort zone. What do you think of a dream house in the Amsterdam area? Just look at the surrounding cities such as Diemen, Zaandam and Amstelveen. A rental home in one of these cities offers the tranquility and rurality while you can look up the bustle of Amsterdam within minutes.

Type of home

Another tip to broaden your search result is the type of home. Maybe you are looking for a flat. Also take a look at other types of houses such as detached houses, terraced houses, single-family houses, apartments and studios. By specifying the type of house, you will gain insight into the housing supply in Amsterdam. Also useful for students who are looking for a room in Amsterdam: they select 'rooms' for the type of home for a clear offer. For expats who do not wish to drag all furniture from their home countries, it's also easy to find fully furnished rental homes in Amsterdam.


After you have entered a search query, you will find a clear range of rental properties with us. The photos will give you a good first impression of the rental property and you will soon switch to reading the description. There we display the most important details of the house. In addition to the properties of the rental house, we also indicate what the rent is. This way you are provided with all the information you need during the search for a suitable rental home.

Dream house

This way you are one step closer to your dream home in Amsterdam. Found a dream home? Then you can easily take action by making an appointment with the broker. Have you not yet found a suitable home? We refresh the range of rental properties daily to help you on the right way. You can easily keep an eye on the offer by regularly returning to our website or subscribing to our email updates.

Rooms in Amsterdam, North-Holland are on average € 625 / month. price trend

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